A Note From the Author:

Alaska has been my home since I was nine. The vast majority of my memories were formed in this great land. For a long time, I have wanted to share my experiences and adventures by way of writing.

This novel allows me to do that. Other than the plane crash that initiates the survival saga, all of the things that happen to my character in the storyline have happened to me here in the far north. To be sure, these events took place over a period of many years. Yet each and every one, I have personally experienced. The places spoken of are also real and can be found on the USGS maps that are included. The discovery of the hot springs, the charging griz, the confrontation by the Eskimo man and his boy for trespassing, and everything in between have all been a part of my personal journey.

My goal in writing this book is that, by the time a person finishes the story, he will know more about survival, more about the aurora, more about God and the Bible, and certainly more about Alaska than ever before.

The pictures and video are stunning. I encourage every reader to go to my website, www.godofthebrooks.com, and enjoy the visuals provided. Some are from my personal collection while others are either used by permission or are in the public domain.

The website includes a means to contact me. I am not above criticism. I grow from it. If you have a suggestion, an observation, a corrective word, or a question about anything in the book, I would love to hear from you. Enjoy!


Bruce Hamilton

Fairbanks, Alaska

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